Secondhand story of a teen and her mother nearly hitting a creature while driving file# 00906


Date: , around 1960
Grant county, OR
Nearest town:
John Day
Nearest road:



On a two lane hwy thru a canyon.


Description of event: This is a sighting account relayed by a co-worker. One evening, back around 1960 when this woman, (Shirley) was a teenager, she was riding in a car driven by her mother.... She had been dozing when she was suddenly jarred awake by her mother slamming on the brakes. She awoke to find her mother quite shaken and when asked what happened, her mother mumbled something about a large animal which had crossed in front of their car. She didn't seem to want to talk much about it...

One night many years later when Shirley had a family of her own, she recieved an phone call from her mother who excitedly said that she had just seen a film of that animal which she had almost hit so many years before... According to Shirley her mom had been watching a show in which a clip of the famous Patterson film was shown and she had recognized "Patty" as the same type of creature she had seen that night back in 1960...

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