Campers have sighting while lighting off fireworks file# 00907


Date:july 04, 1970s early
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
McKenzie Bridge
Nearest road:
Hwy 242


Quarry up hwy 242 a bit from hwy 126


Description of event: Two couples,who were camped at a campground on the upper McKenzie, went to a nearby rock quarry to set off 4th of July fireworks...They had been there setting off fireworks for some time when one of the men, Dave bent over to light a rocket...He heard the two women scream. He turned around to catch a glimpse of something big running off into the woods. The other fellow, who was holding a lighted sparkler went off after it, soon to return....The women, who were very shaken, said that they had heard a noise and turned around to see that a bigfoot had crept up behind them...When they screamed, it fled...The other fellow confirmed that it was a bigfoot...

Dave said that prior to the sighting, they had heard something moving around in the woods above the quarry and that some pebbles had come down the rock face of the quarry as if someone had kicked gravel over the edge...He said that they had payed it little mind and went on setting off the fireworks...Apparently the curious squatch had then looped around behind them and come up to watch the show...

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