Creature sighted by group of noisy hikers file# 00935


Date:september , 1994
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Main hwy ?
late afternoon
We were exactly inside of the Lava Canyon Rec Area.


Description of event: My then fiance(Now Husband) myself and my brother n law were out for a day trip to the area(we were living in Vancouver, the time,Anway we had trekked thru the caves early in the day and decided to head up to lava canyon to hike around the area for a bit before heading back home,we decided to eat a late lunch and were close to the main road that leads thru Lava canyon.Well my husband and his brother were fooling around by making extermly loud noise(Burping,Howling,coyote calling,etc)we were the only folks in the vacinity at the time i'm guessing? well i was sitting on a rock just glaring at the sites around us,when all of a sudden i saw a huge black colored figure step out of a stand of trees and began shaking the tree it was standing next to,well by this time i'm a little nervous and i call to my husband and his brother to look at this thing because i thought that maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me,they to became aware
of this thing,after looking at it for a few minutes we all agreed that it was way to big to be a person and therewere also no other vehicles in the area we were in, so of course bieng curious we began to run towards whatevere this
thing,and by this time i begin to noticed that there is absolutly no sounds in the forrest and i recalled earlier when we arrived there were birds chirping and lots of chipmunks scurring around,but by now it's dead qiuet nothing is being heard,it was really eerie, whatever this thing was it was massive!!! it had Huge Broad shoulders,Long arms and it was covered in Black Hair/Fur,we did not get a good look at it's face but as i said the body on this thing was massive,but by the time we reached the area it was in it had gone.I remember telling a few friends about what it was we saw that day and i recall one of them asking if this could have been a bear and i told them whatever this thing was it defenitly was not a bear, beause when i initaly saw it,it walked out of the trees and never went down on all fours the entire time we were looking at it.Although i was a little nervous at first this was a very exciting moment,although i do apologize that i cannot recall what date it was i do know that it was on a sunday though because we all had to return to work the next day.

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