Campers are harrassed by screams, tent is damaged by unseen creature. file# 00943


Date:August , 1981
Tuscola county, MI
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Location confidential.


Description of event: We had been fishing in the Cass river the day was clear and we had been getting a lot of smallmouth bass action. My wife and a friend were camping in the area. We had canoed down to it. We set up a nice cleared site with a large safe fire pit in the middle. We had been relaxing over a large roaring fire. Across the river we started hearing what sounded like a women screaming. We all set and listened; I told them that this was an impenetrable swamp in the summer. I listened to see if they were a bobcat or young cougar they weren't. After the screams subsided I walked down to the river up in the rapids I heard large foot steps in unison. They crossed to our side. I went back up to the others and told them what I had heard. We sat around the fire and threw on a few more old rotten logs to get going fast. As we sat, there were branches were breaking all around us. I told my wife to get my gun as no self-respecting deer or other large creature should be around that activity and large fire without being scared off.

As this went on I shouted that we were armed and this could turn into a deadly prank as we were now scared and this was defiantly the time to stop. The breaking of the sticks circling our camp fire seemed to be getting closer I told my fiend this was it we got in a tight circle and I shot the little 20 ga in the air at the same time we all shined our lights in the woods. We saw nothing but there was a stick or two still snapped. Things started to quite down but you could tell something was still there a stick would snap every now and then. We went at this for an unknown length of time. Finally we decided to turn in we thought if anything was going to happen it would of. Just as I got to sleep my friend almost dove into my tent his face was white with fear. Something had almost knocked his tent over. We all had our lights on the tent. On the ground was a tree limb about 4" around still green and snapped off. We decided to pack camp then and there. Facing whatever was strong enough to snap that off and not afraid off fire or a gun was not what we wanted to do in the darkness. We have had 3 other problems in the same area, with 2 possible sighting over the years. Each time different witnesses and once alone

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