Glowing eyes seen in flashlight beam file# 00955


Date:july 05, 1995
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
hwy 22
clear warm

camping on piety island east side


Description of event: My brown lab, Susha, and I were sitting by the campfire warming up and preparing to hit the hay about 1 am. My friend steve and his girlfriend had retired earlier. I heard a stick snap loudly outside camp. I turned on my penlight, pointed it in the direction of the sound. The weak beam of light illuminated a single eye peering back at me from behind a tree 30 feet or so from camp. It blinked, then dissapered behind the tree. I was thinking elk because this eye was too high up to be a deer. My dog became tense but did not bark. Suddenly two eyes appeared in my light on the opposite side of the tree. I decided to approach this thing so I stood up and walked towards it keeping the glow of its eyes in my light. I'm freakin, but I continue to persue. My dog is whining a bit but not barking. Now this is what really yanked my chain; the two eyes start moving down hill from me. They are moving up and down as they traverse away from me. 8 feet high then down to the ground then back up again, all the while remaining focused on my light. The beam was only strong enough to pick up the glow of the eyes. I couldn't tell what they were attatched to, but it was not a deer or elk - no way. Also it made NO SOUND at all while it moved. I really freaked at this point being fairly close to it. I turned and dove into my buddies tent. My heart will explode! He and his girl are out like a light and don't even notice my entry. My dog follows me in. I didnt dare go back out. Fell asleep eventually.looked around the next day.the tree it was hiding behind was an old growth estimation is it wasAT LEAST 7-8 feet tall. notracks in the thick humus of fir needles and other sign it was there.this experience remains the most deeply mysterious event of my!

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