12 year old girl sees creature near family home

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Date: , 1988
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
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The location took place near my house along Pinehurst R.d.


Description of event: This happened quite a time ago, but remember the encounter very well. My mom sent me next door to my grandma's to get something for her when the whole time felt like I was being watched and looked over my shoulder several times. Now the distance between my house and my grandma's was long enough where once I reached my grandma's my home was not visible. The sighting occured on my way back home. I was about half way when I saw the creature. It was making alot of noise and came crashing out of the tree line breaking a huge tree branch. Then it began to run toward me. I remember thinking this can't be happening. I felt like my legs would not move out of fear. It all was in a time span of 5 to 10 seconds. I then ran the rest of the way home and I tell you I have never ran so fast. The next day I took my mom to the site where the creature had come out of the trees and showed her the tree branch. Lots of people I know do not believe in bigfoot so I normally would shy away from telling my story. I do know for a fact that what I saw was indeed bigfoot.

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