Screams heard by hunters file# 00987


Date:june 26, 2003
Klamath county, OR
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Dead Horse Lake, has lots of trees around it. There is also another Lake, Campbell Lake just one mile before you get to dead horse. There are parts around there that is restrickted and no one is allowed to go.


Description of event: My husband came home with this story and he does not believe in bigfoot. Him and a friend, went up to Dead Horse Lake, to go fishing for an overnight fishing trip . He said it was around 10pm and they were standing by the fire talking when they heard a very loud scream. He said about 30 seconds after the first scream stopped they heard another one that was quiter and shorter. They both looked at each other and said what in the hell was that? They did not hear it again. Whatever it was scared the hell out of them and they went and got into the pickup and locked the doors.He did say that he has never ever hear a sound like that before. My husband and his friend are big time hunters.

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