Tracks found above Hills Creek Reservoir file# 00988


Date:august , 2004
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
25 miles about hills creek reservoir
very hot, mid 80's
from oakridge, take the hills creek road all the way up, past packard creek, then 20 miles above packard, make right over small bridge, forrest roads


Description of event: thought i would share my story:

myself and bunch of buddyes went camping for 4 days up near steamboat, but below, about 35 miles away from oakridge. we camp at this spot up in the middle of nowhere, its a nice stop, close to the river and open for our campers. we camp with dogs... well, everything was nice and cool, until myself and a friend took are quads down river on some trails, park, then started catching some nice native's, and u know once u start fishing u always want to move down stream, so i did that. came up to kind of log jam, where huge logs and sticks were in the stream at once time, but left a sand bar, with a little creek. as i was preparing to jump down over the creek onto the sand i noticed a track, and it was bigger than mine i am 6 ' 8'' with a size 15 shoe, this was about 19 inches. i messured it, i was like wtf, and scared at the same time, this wasn't normal, there were 5 tracks about 3ft apart, then my hair on my head stared to raise

it gets worse... i walked back up the hill to the trails to tell my friend and right as i get on the trail i hear THUG THUG THUG, kinda like when u stomp on the ground. i started walking faster, never looked back, and we don't camp that far up in the wild anymore, we go to like hills creek camp i felt i was in his area, and he wanted me to leave by the thugs noises, i was soo scared ,this kinda stuff never happens to people, only in books and movies.

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