Vocalization heard at ski resort

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Date:February , 1993
King county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Alpental Ski Resort Road
25 degrees, clear, brite moon
early morning
Take interstate 90 to Snoqualmie pass. Take the alpental ski resort exit. Follow to the upper most parking lot. From the upper most parking lot follow a thin line of trees which borders a clearing upward until you hit the thick forest tree line. Note you are going up the side of the mountain opposite of the ski resort side.


Description of event: The ski resort was closed for the winter. A group of 4 friends and 2 vehicles had traveled up to the upper most parking lot of Alpental ski resort to enjoy a little inner tubing behind a vehicle, and a good snow ball fight. I had decided to go on a little hike. So I left the group in the parking lot and told them I would be right back.

I hiked up the mountain directly opposite of the ski resort and in line with the outer edge of the upper most parking lot. I followed a thin line of trees which bordered a wide open area until I had hiked up far enough to hit the beginning of the thick forest. I then followed along the edge of the forest a few hundred feet until I could peer down at my group of friends. Below me was a wide open area and I stood near the center of that upper most parking lot. To my back side was the tree line bordering the clearing which is where the thick forest started. I stopped at this location for about 10 minutes and for the first few minutes yelled at the top of my lungs a few smart ass comments to my friends down below. After several minutes of this, the novelty of it had run out. My friends had a hard time hearing me as I was quite a ways up and the snow I’m sure muffled my voice.

I stood there relaxing for a few minutes and was enjoying the view before hiking back down. Just before heading back down I heard a stick break directly behind me from what I estimated to be about 30 feet within the forest. I immediately turned around and was within 10 feet of the tree line where the forest started and tried peering into it. I could not see more than a few feet into the forest and heard no more noise. I then turned fully back around now facing my friends again with my back to the forest. At the exact instant that I had turned fully around I heard a deep yell lasting some 3 to 4 seconds. The yell never changed in pitch and was very deep and intense sounding. I then got an immediate adrenaline dump and ran at a reckless speed all the way down the clearing. I mentioned this to my friends and they laughed at the site of me being so startled.

I wondered for some time what could have made that noise. The snow was deep; there was fresh snow on the ground as well. There were no other vehicles or people out as the resort was closed. There were no other tracks that I noticed on my upward hike. The weather was 25 degrees. It was 130 in the morning on a Saturday. The forest was thick and uninhabited, with no roads, and went on upward steeply until it crested a mountain and continued into the Cascades.

Lastly, as loud as I was yelling I can’t think of any familiar animals that would not of been frightened off, also a level of intellect seemed to be involved in that when I faced whatever it was after hearing the stick break it remained silent, only when my back fully facing it did it let out its yell. I estimated that whatever it was the distance was no greater than 30 feet. I have not heard anything prior nor since even remotely close to the yell I heard that night.

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