Rock "clicks" heard by hunters file# 01031


Date:November 20, 2004
Cowlitz county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Lucia Falls Rd.
mid morning
Mt. St. Helens tree farm. Land owned by the Weyerhauser Co. I can't give you a road name or number. I could show you on a map the location however.


Description of event: I was hunting deer with a friend overlooking a clear cut at the base of a land mark known as Green Knob east of Yacolt WA. We had driven to a logged over area and decided to walk a newer spur road. We walked to the end of the road (apx. .25 of a mile from where I parked my truck) to see if we could glass Green Knob and watch a drainage for deer. We had been there for apx. 20 to 30 mins. when we heard a series of three or four rock clicks about 100 yard or so to the east of us. Then a few moments later, three more clicks a little farther off. After a few more seconds past a lone click, that was the end of the sounds.

We both thought this was odd, but didn't give it much thought to what it might have been. The area that the sounds were coming from were inside the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The cover was very thick in there with no road access. After thinking about it, if it were another hunter, why would he be hunting in an area that is too thick and dark to hunt and why would you be clicking rocks together when you were trying to be quiet hunting deer? I have heard of sightings in the general are (Lucia Falls) in the past.

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