Woman sees creature holding a chicken

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Date:september , 1977
Baker county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Northwest of town turn between the post office and cafe and head straight up the hill - take off of Loop Rd and go up to the top of Siegahagen to the park @ the cattle guard


Description of event: While I was driving up to the location one night by myself I came around the corner to head into the park I observed a tall creature - about 8 ft or more tall - reddish color with spots of silver or white hair pretty much all over - long arms - long legs - forehead was higher than a persons (not pointed)- it was holding a chicken by its legs and walked across the road on the other side of the cattle guard - up and over the barbed fence and continued up the hill out of sight. I didn't stay very long and turned around and headed back down. What I did notice was the quiet - you could've heard a dime drop. When it spotted me (had my headlights on him) he just looked until he hit the fence and proceeded on. My brother and I came back the next morning to see if we could find anything which we did. We saw one set of tracks - footprints measured around 14-16 foot long and was really wide - I would say 8-9 inches across - we did see a wad of hair on the fence itself - reddish straw looking hair (wasn't a bear-hunted and saw those plenty of times). No evidence was taken or pic's. I've had several different instances with these creatures - others have been them screeching so to speak and foot steps around the house. (For your info and if your interested they ran a picture in the Baker newspaper of sightings in the canyon @ Hells Canyon with one of these amazing animals perched upon a rocky hill side)

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