Man hears "siren" type calls while sleeping in his truck file# 01099


Date:March 18, 2005
Lewis county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
overcast, drizzly rain

The EXACT location was right outside the gate at Woods Creek Ranger Station (closed) on NF25/Woods Creek Road outside of Randle, Washington.


Description of event: I was outside my truck moving things from the cab to the bed to sleep in teh cab that night. I was planning on meeting my friend from OR for some hiking/exploring the next (Saturday) morning.

When I first heard the sounds, I was facing East. It was a High-pitched scream/shriek. It was answered by howls from either coyotes or wolves.

When I first heard it, I thought maybe a County Sheriff was pulling someone over a ways off. The sound was similar to the beginning pitch of a siren, but instead of changing pitch like a police siren, it continued. I heard 3-4 "screams" in succession, lasting about 30 seconds total.

The screams seemed to come from about 100-200yds east of the Woods Creek Ranger Station gate.

At first, my reaction was "what the heck is that sound?" Then it occured to me that it WASN'T an Elk or Coyote. Too "different" sounding. After the 3rd sound, it seemed louder and closer, and began to be answered by coyotes or wolves. At this point I had the extreme sense of pure terror.

At this point, I immediately grabbed my shotgun and jumped in the cab.

I didn't hear any more noises after that, but I sure didn't sleep well that night.

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