Witness described activity in area; footprint find

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Date:march 19, 2005
Tippah county, MS
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
CR 523
clear, cool
County Road 523 is a right turn about 2 miles from the beginning of highway 2 near Ripley mississippi. The ranch and fence described are about 2 miles from the beginning of cr 523


Description of event: There have been several sightings in this area, even on this very road. I took some researchers with me and we came to a ranch which has a very high fence (over 10' high)with barbed wire at the top. I was curious, because one does not need a 10' fence to keep horses and cows inside. I wondered if this rancher was keeping something OUT (area sasquatches) rather than his cattle in. So we stopped at a huge gate made of iron tubing. A person could climb this gate easily because of the iron crossbars. Anyway, as we were looking at the gate, one of the researchers saw two deep imprints in the mud about 4 feet apart. It had rained 2 days earlier. It looked like something had jumped off the top of the gate and landed on its two feet. The imprints look like the front ball of the feet dug into the ground, and there are toes at the top. The imprints are about 8" wide and almost a foot long. It is not a full footprint, but the ball of the foot with toe prints--like someone jumped off the iron gate and landed in the mud on the ball of his feet. They are much too big for human footprints.

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