Family has encounter with two creatures while camping at Molalla River file# 01109


Date: , 1996
Clackamas county, OR
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We were camping near the Molalla River, I was young at the time and i dont remember much. Our first sighting was near "mile marker 7"; then we moved our camp up to "mile marker 12," where we had our sightings. I dont know the exact location, but part of the road winds around the molalla river.


Description of event: (Im going to be as detailed as possible... )
My whole family and I were camping at the Molalla River. We set up camp near mile marker 7, our campsite was right on the river. While taking a drive, we noticed some trees twisted and broken in the forest and we thought nothing about it at the time, we just wondered. Then, even farther up the road we pulled off of the main road and found some other people at a campsite and my parents were chatting with them. Then my parents headed back to our car and said that we can get out and play around, because they weren't done talking. Then we heard the people saying that they were bigfoot researchers and they showed us photographs that they had that were taken at that very campsite and they were also beating the trees with baseball bats.
They also gave my mom a book or card or something, I can't remember.

Well from here on, my memory somewhat runs together, but I know it happened over about three days.

The first night we noticed something, we heard two screams, (also described below) one was coming from the river, just down the hill from us. That night we had some spaghetti. (lol I'll bring this back up later) My dad reassured us it was just a cougar, and that we should go back to sleep, and then we all heard something walk past our tent on the gravel, and then we heard clanking and rummaging thru our things near the kitchen. (my mom didn't wash dishes).

The next morning, we went down to the river and we found our spaghetti sauce spoon near the river bed, clean. Our stuff was also all strewn around. Whether or not it was a sasquatch... I am not sure. Also, we saw a track in the mud on the trail to the river and we took a picture of it next to a tape measure, I cant remember the measurement or where it went, I'm estranged from my mother now, so i am not sure if she still has it.

This is the main sighting next: my sister Mariann and I were sitting on some wool blankets coloring, and my mom was cooking us some dinner again. Near my sister and I there are three large trees, and I thought I saw something run behind the tree and my sister looked at me too, then we both stared and we saw a large creature (yes, Bigfoot!) run behind the second tree and a somewhat shorter and smaller one ran behind the third big tree. Believe me, I bolted to my mom and she asked me what happened. (On a funny note, it scared us so bad that my younger sister wet her pants!) She then told all of us kids to get in the car (the tent wouldn't be that safe, and judging by the twisted trees, the car didn't seem that safe either when I look back on it) I ran to the car and I looked in the trees and there was one of the bigfoots crouching in the bushes, just staring at my mom. It scared the hell out of me, and from this day, this sighting is still really vivid in my mind. And it still gives me goosebumps. My younger brother, he was only about 4, ran to our tent and brought back a BB gun and then the bigfoot turned around and bolted in the woods on its two feet.

When my dad came back that day a few hours later, (it was dark) he found us all sitting in the car.
I think we left the next day.

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