Youths see creature near creek file# 01119


Date:september , 1973
Jefferson county, GA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
partly cloudy
early morning
A mile or so from the main road (Campground Rd./ State Route 80) through the small town of Stellaville, GA.
In a swampy wooded area to the south of Ways Baptist Church (creek walking trails).


Description of event: Back in the early seventies, my cousin Shannon and I were creek walking in the trails behind Ways Baptist. At the time she was 15 and I was 12 years old. It was mid-morning on a Saturday and we couldn't have been more than a mile or so from the church grounds. We both heard a short of shuffling and grunting, we stopped playing in the creek to hear better. I was looking south, past Shannon's position and saw it first. I yelled for her to look and we both saw what we first thought was a man in the woods. We saw him (it) through the trees about 75 yards away. I think we all scared each other and ran, but I did see a large bipedal form moving away from us fast. I got the impression of a "big man in an overcoat" or with hair hanging down arround him. Shannon and I ran back and told our dads about it. My dad and uncle Tommy went into the woods along the creek for awhile, but didn't find anything. Uncle Tommy said we'd likely disturbed some old drunk sleeping it off in the woods. My mom always said it was the "Bullis Man" a "wild man" she used to hear about when she was a teenager back in the 1930's.
I don't know exactly what it was, but it was BIG and moving AWAY from the road and church, deeper into the swamp.

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