Tracks, sounds in brush and an awful odor reported by gold panners file# 01129


Date:march 10, 2005
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
opal rim road
early afternoon
cedar creek road 225 stay on this road untile you come to a dead in on the left is a step rock cliff and the right is a creek thats where we heard the sounds


Description of event: Me and my buddy were out looking place to gold pan. We just took off panning every creek we came to. We were driving down this road and I saw two tracks in the snow in the middle of the road. I hunt deer, elk, bear, cats. These were two tracks that were big. I told my buddy something's not right so we went down the road futher and ran out of road. We went to turn around and heard sticks breaking and heard a loud walking just above us in the thick brush. My buddy got out to see if we could turn the truck around and get the hell out of there and a growl came from our right by the side by the creek. The smell was like rotten trash. Bear, deer and elk don't smell like that. So we left.

record updated:2005-04-17 00:00:00