Tracks found on Humbolt Mountain near Cottage Grove file# 01143


Date:april 03, 2005
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Disston/Cottage Grove
Nearest road:
US Forest Road 23
Snow and Rain
late afternoon


Description of event: My wife and I drove up to the top of the ridge on Humbolt Mountain off of Road 23 and took the side road that leads to a yellow forest service gate. We decided to get out and walk down the road. The ground was patchy/old snow. We noticed some rabbit tracks and bear and elk signs. As we were looking at the tracks made in the snow we noticed a trail of humanoid footprints. The tracks came down off the bank onto the road as if it was crossing over the ridge. The tracks were about 14 inches long, 8-10 inches wide. Even though the tracks were older, some clearly showed toe impressions. We had our Blue Heeler (dog) with us and he did not act weird.

record updated:2005-04-17 00:00:00