Teens have brief sighting on snowbound road

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 01159


Date: , 1997
Grant county, OR
Nearest town:
John Day
Nearest road:
Bear creek
As you go up bear creek before you climb the big hill, still on paved roads, take a right down that spur road that crosses the creek and goes way off into the wilderness.


Description of event: I was riding with my good friend in his 1970's landcruiser jeep. we wanted to go out and 4x4 in the snow, as I had traveled over to John Day from Salem where it never snows. The snow was coming down in a torrent bringing visibility to a minimum but we were just creeping along a logging road, through about 12 inches of snow. As we rounded a bend in the road we came to an open area where they stack fallen logs and bigfoot leapt out in front of the vehicle. It stopped for a second and faced us then jumped off the road to the other side. My friend yelled "Oh my God what was that!!" We jumped out of the vehicle and I had my 9mm daewood pistol with me. When I jumped out I set the box of bullets on the hood. We walked forward to where it had jumped out and saw the footprints around 16-18 inches long fresh in the deep snow. My friend shined his flashlight in it and you could make out the toes. It was snowing so hard that they were already beginning to fill in and we looked at each other and panic overcame us. My friend shouted "omg what if we get snowed in we have to get out of here!!" He screamed this and I was overcame with panic I started to fire my pistol into the air and emptied the clip. I turned to run back to the vehicle and grab my box of bullets off the hood and they were gone! Just an indentation in the snow on the hood where I set them, no slide marks - they were just gone!

We drove out of there in a panic. It wasn't until we got out onto the main bear creek road that we started to calm down, and later we asked each other what happened, why were we scared. Normally this would not have frightened us - we were 18-19 and had no fear!

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