Teen describes sightings while dirtbiking

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Date:March 23, 2001
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
coos bay
Nearest road:
near horsefalls

two sightings at our campsite in the woods were in the cowichan valley, on vancouver island, bc canada, and one in oregon, sanddunes, near coos bay in the horsefalls campsite grounds. the area in the woods near our campsites in dense follage, two small rivers that dont dry in the summer, im an experianced hunter in large and small game, i work with hunters and live with hunters, and ive spent most of my free time offroad riding and 4x4ing in the deep woods.


Description of event: This was our second Sasquatch sighting as a group. I and two other good friends live in BC, Canada. We've had a previous frightening sighting of a Sasquatch that visited us in the deep forest at our campsite. But this time was in the sand dunes…we go there for spring break sometimes with our motocross bikes.

After a long day of play in the dunes, we resorted to hanging out at the campsite. As we were sitting at the table I noticed a large figure in the darkness, walking in the middle of the road. I told my friends and we walked towards the figure. It never made a noise. Not even sounds of walking. I clearly saw the figure walk directly out on the road and then it disappeared out of view.

I don’t think it was a person for a number of reasons. First of all it was so dark that only the moon and residual light from campsites lit the area, father away it was pitch darkness. And the over night temp was below freezing. This was a startling experience.

Our first experience with the Sasquatch scared us very badly. It was stalking us in the bush. We watched it, as it was watching us from roughly 10-15 feet away. Just sitting there watching us. We could clearly see it. We sat there on a log by the fire terrified. My friend Dan came up with a plan to scare it away. We slowly added more wood to the fire for more light. Jamie and I grabbed burning tree limbs from the fire as Dan jumped on his 250 and hit the kick start and popped the clutch, as soon as the motor kicked over the Baja head lamp turned on, the light was on the sasquatch that was mortified - you could see its facial expression - it was now terrified as we were.

Jamie and I jumped up yelling with the logs and fire. Dan then rode is bike right up to hit trying to hit it. The Sasquatch freaked out and ran down the trail. We regrouped by the fire and tried to come up with an exit plan. We had ridden in on dirt bikes, only one had a headlight. And the trail was too tight to ride in formation. We waited to first light to leave. As soon as there was enough light to seen in the trails we packed up and left. No one has believed us since.

Only one other person has experienced with Jamie and Dan. A year after our first encounter, Jamie and Dan took a friend, Jared to the same campsite to shoot off fireworks for New Year’s. They rode in on two dirt bikes, both with head lights. As they were shooting off the fireworks, when the area was silent (when not using fireworks) they could hear what would logically be a blue gross mating' call, somewhat of an "ump" noise. They heard the noise all night long, didn’t think too much about it, it became louder and louder. Then they heard the bushes moving and then something ran by them at close range. It ran into Jamie’s bike knocking it over on the side of the kickstand. They lit off all there fireworks in every direction (they had backpacks full) as one prepped the bikes… then Jared and Dan doubled on Dan's bike and Jamie (whose bike was knocked over) couldn’t get his bike started, the electric start was turning over and over and he said he had the sense of something walking up behind him, then his bike started, he pinned the throttle wide open (two stroke motor) dumped the clutch and rode off at a motocross speed. Since then were a little paranoid of camping there again.

[Editor's note: Many eyewitnesses report sightings while riding dirtbikes, ATVs or cutting wood with loud chainsaws. While one might think that the noise of these contraptions would scare these creatures away, eyewitness reports indicate that it seems to have the opposite effect.]

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