Loud thuds, strange birdlike vocalizations reported

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Date: ,
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

Just starting to snow very lightly
late afternoon
I would like the exact location confidential at this time unless contacted and asked specificly.


Description of event: We where leaving a lake where we hiked in to fish and were hiking up towards the road, which was still a ways off, and we felt the ground shake, like a herd of large animals or something was running close by. As we looked around we saw nothing. Then we heard a sound in the treeline about 30 feet below us that was like a tropical bird or something that didn't sound native to the area. We were standing about 15 feet apart and looked at each other and then the trees to try to see what it was, but it stopped. So we turned around to hike the steep terrain back out when the noise started again. We stopped, turned around, and again strained to see what was making the strange high pitched noises. It seemed like it was very close and that we should be able to see what was making it, but could not. It soon stopped again and we turned back around and started away again when the the bird sound started again but quickly changed to what I can only describe as a type of growl, that was really bizarre, and almost sounded like another animal entirely.

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