Man on horseback smells odor, horse reacts fearfully file# 01163


Date:October , 1992
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
Gold Hill
Nearest road:
Galls Creek Rd.
clear and warm


Description of event: I was riding my horse above a friends place looking for an old mine that was supposed to be up there. There were no "trails" so I made my way through the trees and using deer trail. I was making one last "look-see" before heading back down, following a deer trail and suddenly (the same time my horse stopped, snorting and spooked), smelled this God-awful smell. The horse would not take another step forward and kept trying to turn away and head down the mountain. I gave him his lead and kept looking back. The hair was standing on the back of my neck. We went down about 50 yards, I got off and looked hard up where we had come from. I didn't see anything but just got this "feeling" something was watching me as much as I was looking up. I got back on the horse and we headed back to my friends ranch. When I got there I told him what happened. He never experienced anything like that but he said he had heard some strange noises on occasion. at the time, I wasn't much of a believer in BigFoot, but since then I've done alot of research and have become a full believer in the Sasquatch and have spent some time in the woods looking for tracks and/or to sight one myself. I went back up there the next day and tied my horse, walked up past where we had stopped. I didn't find any tracks as the ground was dry and hard and had plenty of undergrowth but there were signs that something had passed thru there. I have hunted and camped these mountains in S. Oregon for over 25 years and been a hunter all my life... sometimes with a camera, sometimes with a gun. Now that I'm sort of retired.. I am going on the hunt for Bigfoot myself. This is one mystery we need to define with absolute proof, one way or another.

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