Campers hear vocalizations and thrashing in brush near Lakeside file# 01172


Date:june 17, 1999
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
elliot forest logging road
drive into the small town of lakeside and take the road into the elliot national forest.i can't remember different road numbers, but at the first fork take a right, at the second fork take a left. after a few miles you will see a creek running along the right side of the road. there are several roads off to the right to little camping spots, but the road i took was fairly concealed by brush.


Description of event: It was late at night, around 11:30 11:45. Myself and a buddy were sitting at the fire talking when we heard a commotion on the other side of the creek about 15 yards from us. It sounded like a very large animal was rolling down the embankment towards the creek. We heard a howling sound and short grunting noises coming closer and closer. Now here I must tell you that I have just listened to a few of the audio clips on this site and the clip titled "Westmoreland moans" has got the hair on the back my neck standing on end, it is the exact same sound. At first we thought it was a coyote with a really strange howl, but there was no answer in the distance from another in response. The sound came closer and closer until we could hear splashing in the creek 15 yards away. All of a sudden a deer came bolting through our camp, surprising the heck out of us, then we sat down and laughed it off. But it wasn't over. We could hear something still on the other side of the creek breaking branches and twigs. We caught a faint odor, like that of an extremely dirty dog, then came the moan again and splashing around in the water. I had brought my .22 rifle with me and took the opportunity to fire a few rounds into the air. We heard a horrible grunting sound and then we could hear it going back up the embankment on the other side of the creek. Terrified, we hopped into the truck, but didn't leave. I aimed my headlights toward the other side of the creek to try to see anything. We saw nothing but could still hear loud grunts or snorts. We left for the evening and came back at daylight to retrieve the rest of our belongings. Driving into camp we could see that things had been moved around. We couldn't find any footprints, but did see branches broken and bent as high up as 9 to 10 ft. Since then I have returned only once to show a friend were it had happened.

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