Fisherman sees creature in Wildcat Creek file# 01219


Date:may 16, 2005
Crook county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

over cast raining softly
mid morning
Take the Hwy to John Day from Prineville.
Just past Ochico Res. you will see a sign that says Wild Cat Creek. You turn left and stay on this road for about 10 miles. You should see the Wildcat campground. The river to your left is Wildcat. Follow it up til the road leaves the creek, stop and follow the creek for about 30 minutes.


Description of event: I was fishing the creek and I waded in the creek to get past a willow thicket. When I got back in the open, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I stopped and looked around.

I spotted a large, blackish-brown thing in the creek. I thought it was a bear til it looked up and I saw its face. I stood still and waiting to see what would happen. Then thing looked back down. Then to my left front a loud screaming grunt and the sound of limbs breaking scaired the sh** out of me!

The thing in the water stood up and started to walk away grunting and howling as it went.

There was a smell of rotten eggs and sh** in the air.

The thing I saw was about 6ft 5 to 7ft tall and walked upright. The arms were huge and longer than normal.

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