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Coos county, OR
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Description of event: My father told me about a family that took in an injured big foot. It had been sitting on a rail car loaded with logs and when the train had started moving it jumped off, in doing so it injured a leg to the point where it could walk at all. This was witnessed by the men there and they all pitched in and managed somehow to get this creature to a barn.

At the barn the family and folks took care of it. They even built a very tall fence around the barn so that once it became ambulatory it could move about and watch the goings on. they kept it until they were sure it had fully healed and then let it loose. Apparently there was a considerable amount of respect for the creature as this entire episode was kept secret.

It sounds far fetched, but there are a lot of reports from this area. This actually happened closer to Powers, Oregon.

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Investigation by: Felicia Bryant

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Felicia Bryant Investigator

Medford, OR

I am a full-time web production designer/developer, and have been interested in bigfoot ever since I was a child. I grew up in rural Coos County, and have always wanted to contribute to the search for bigfoot.