Motorists see creature running through powerline throughway file# 01271


Date:june 25, 2005
Polk county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 22
late afternoon
Driving west on Highway 22 between Salem & Highway 18 about 1-2 miles from Hwy 18. On the left side of the road there is a hill with a clearing where there are power lines - about 300 yards from the road.


Description of event: I was a passenger in my sister's car driving on Highway 22 about 4pm. I looked over the left where there is a hill that's been cleared for power lines and saw what I first thought was a large man come running out of the trees across the clearing. Then I realized he was completely covered in hair. I yelled to my sister to look. The manlike creature was over 7 feet tall and very muscular looking. He crossed the clearing in about 4 seconds - long strides. My sister thought it was a man at first and then a bear and then realized it couldn't have been either. It ran upright the whole way and it's arms were swinging at it's sides and it had very broad shoulders. My first impression was that it was very powerful and that it was trying to get across the clearing as quick as possible. We stopped the car and waited to see if it came back out but it didn't. I would have gone up to look for foot prints but I have bad knees and my sister was scared. It was broad daylight so I know what I saw. My sister and I have both lived in Alaska and have both seen bears so we know that's not what it was. I have never seen this before.

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