Hunters hear high-pitched "talking", loud scream in rock quarry file# 01273


Date:september , 1994
Marion county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 11/ Straight Creek Rd.
Over Cast/ Drizzle
mid morning
Take Rd. 2265/Parish Lake Rd.
then take a right on 1164, left on 1161 to top of Mt. with large Rock quarry. Directly below the Rock Quarry on the North side is where sounds where heard.


Description of event: It was an early Tuesday morning. My friend and I where Bow hunting off the face of the Rock quarry. We stopped to rest on a bench in the tall timber, where we sat facing up the hill we had come down from earlier in the morning. We couldn't rest cause we kept hearing a rustling sound up the hill side that kept our attention.

Shortly there after we thought we heard what sounded like girls talking on the 1161 road directly above us. It first sounded like laughing that immediately turned into a BLOOD CURDLING sound that whent to a soft laghter to a very high pitch that got louder and louder. My first thought was it sounded like a mother watching its young being killed. This sound got so lound and its direction now sounded like from multiple directions around us like something was joining in on the cry.

By this time aprox. 20 seconds has gone by and the sound has not stopped for one second, not even to take a breath of air. My friend kept asking me what is it as I was staring up the hill side in amazement. He finaly was so scared he grabbed my shirt and looked me in the eye and said, " What is it!!!" I replied, " I don't know but it better not come after us."

This sound started to wind down like an old WWII hand crank warning alarm and then dissapated into a soft sound, then to nothing. We estimated this sound carried for approx. 40 seconds and like I said it never stopped to take a breath.

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