Elk hunters have sighting night sighting

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Date:may 05, 2005
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:
Sweet Home
Nearest road:
Quartsville Mainline
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Description of event: A friend and i were scounting for Elk, it was getting dark so we started headed down the mountain, we were in two different pickups. My partner was ahead of me about 10 seconds, we were on the last turn headed down to the mainline appro. 3 miles away, i noticed ahead of me my partner was turning around and started to come my way, then he stopped and started looking the other way, by then it was dark and it had been raining. I notice something about 70yds away on the side of road, it look like the back end of a large object or a car, we had our headlights right on the object, then i could tell it wasn't a car or pickup beacause there was no reflection or anything like that. We sat there approx. 30 sec. watching, at first the thought was someone was broke down!! Then my partner had enough and started too leave down the mountain toward the mainline, then all of the sudden the object starting running away around the bend. i had a great view were i was parked, All i saw was something roughly 6-7ft tall running so fast, i saw long arms swinging back and forth and it's stride was impressive, it was like a track star running with theire arms swinging how they do, when i first seen this object it was a lite gray color then when it started running it was a lite brownish in color real lite, didn"t get to see any parts of face. after that i caught up with my partner and ask what in hell was that, he replied that he seen it walking down the side of the road 40yds a way from him it turned away and started running very fast, he decribed too me the long arms and it's stride it had, I told him when he drove off it started running away and i also seen it's long arms and stride. We went back up there the next day to look for tracks, but it had been raining for some while. I was a believer when i was a little kid but once i got older i didn't believe in it at all, Now at 33yrs old, i know what i seen and there is Bigfoot out there!!

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