Camper describes brief sighting, tracks and odd odor file# 01296


Date:july , 2005
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
18 miles from freeway
Take hwy. I5 to galesville resevoir turn off then take a right at stop sign and follow the road 18 miles. after you pass the resevoir it's approx. 5-10 miles to "Devils flats" campground.


Description of event: We had went camping in an old cabin and in the middle of the night our dog started barking. He burrowed himself in between us and stayed for the rest of the night which i thought was odd but it was a new place to a puppy. The next morning we woke up to our 2 mummybags soaked with weird musty smell and wetness that soaked into the wood floor of the open (no doors or windows)cabin and was a huge spot. It was on my girlfriends side and she was having her monthly. We knew the dog couldn't have peed that much in 3 days let alone one night. Then 2 days later at about 10 p.m. we heard snapping of thick branches and something huge running and we watched to see what it was and all the sudden we seen a tall shadow about 7ft tall run across the road and up a slight hill in 3 steps. The dog flew into my lap and would not calm down for nothing until he was put into tent. The next morning my girlfriend, her mom and 5 yr old son and i went to check out the area we seen bigfoot and we found large footprints that were as plain as day behind the cabin and across the road. I wear a size 9 boot and the footprint was about 4-5 inches longer than my shoe when I placed it beside it.

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