Creature sighted walking along Hwy 97 file# 01302


Date: , 1989
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
La pine, Bend
Nearest road:
route 31
early morning
Highway 97 north, between La Pine and Bend Oregon.


Description of event: During the summer of 1989, my girlfriend and I decided to take a few days and go visit my mother and family in Spokane, Wa. We lived in southern California and I have driven north to visit her a few times. I usually stick to the main interstates for fear of running out of gas. Any way, on this particular drive I decided to take a "shortcut" through Oregon to try and save some time. I saw on the map that highway 97 would be a good route to take. I knew that Bend was a fairly good size town with services if I needed them. The night was beautiful with a little moon light so I opened up the moonroof on the car so I could peek up at it from time to time. The road had tall timbers on both sides and it was pitch black beyond them. My girlfriend was asleep at the time, the road took a slow curve to the right. I was probably driving around 50-55 mph, when suddenly to my right my headlights lit up a huge hairy creature. It was walking upright on two legs and heading the same direction I was traveling so I couldn't see a face. I could make out it's height of about 7-8 ft . I had to look up out of the windsheild at it. It had redish, dirty brown hair, broad shoulders and a short neck with a rounded head. I quickly put my foot on the brake hoping my tail lights would give my a view from my rear view mirror, but it didn't work. I took the next turn out which was a few hundred feet down the road, I woke up my girlfried and told her what I saw. At first she thought I was kidding around until I turned the car around and went back to see if it was still there. No luck, it must have got spooked and made off into the woods. I'm an avid hunter and outdoorsman, I know what bears and elk and moose look like and this was neither. I know what I saw, and it was "Him". I will never forget that night. When I tell my friends of the story, they believe me, because I'm a very trustworthy guy and I don't make up stories for the hell of it.

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