Campers hear strange vocalizations file# 01317


Date:july 17, 2005
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Mt Hood, Government Camp
Nearest road:

Sunny and Breezy
On the backside of Timothy Lake. I'm not sure of the exact road, it was a dirt road off the main circle. We veered off the main road onto the dirt road and followed it back approximatly three miles, then the road ended.


Description of event: We were going to camp at Timothy lake at Gone Creek campground for our three year wedding anniversary but it was full. So we started driving around the back side to try and find a place to camp and it was starting to get dark. We found a dirt road that we turned off on and we did not know if it was a through road or if it was going to dead end but we just kept driving. We followed the road back approximately three miles were it turned into a dead end. Being so late, we decided to set up camp. I was a little weary because the first thing I saw was gun shells but my husband told me not to worry, he would protect me. We had found a beautiful spot with a huge firepit, and no one around, anywhere. At about 11:00pm, we were relaxing, taking in all the stars and listening to the quiet wilderness sounds when all of the sudden, we heard what sounded like a loon and ended in a growl. Then, about 10 seconds later and 5 miles across, we heard another growl. It was like no other sound either of us had ever heard and my first response was " Was That A Bear!??" My husband, trying to be calm said, "NO,That was a bird." Ten minutes later I said, "Well, I'm gonna hit the hay" (Like a small little tent is gonna save me). The next morning we disscussed it over coffee and my husband admitted in the daylight that that was not a bird and that it sent shivers down his spine. (My husband is 210 and a badass).
That is one Anniversary I will never forget. When we got our spot the next day at gone Creek, we told the camp host about our previous night and she said that she believed us and that there have been a few sightings in that same area.

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