Four wheelers hear vocalizations file# 01388


Date:October 03, 2005
Steuben county, NY
Nearest town:
Coopers Plains
Nearest road:
no road nearby
clear and warm
Exact area confidential until otherwise advised.


Description of event: While out four wheeling on Kodiak 650's, my husband and his brother took a narrow path through woods where they hadn't been before, on state land which until 10 years ago was open to the public for camping and hiking, and now is by permit only with paddlelocked gates and no camping or hiking is allowed. They came up to a ravine, and stopped to rest awhile and smoke a cigarette. It was then they heard the same call as the Estcacda 1972 audio. It came from below them, and a high pitched call retirn a call from higher up on the other side of the ravine. My husband and his brother sat and listened, trying to decide what was making the call, and agreed they had never heard it before. They had no idea what it was and was not afraid to sit there. After a few minutes of listening to the two calling back and forth they relized the deeper call was no behind them and on their right. The creature made only underbrush noises, and did not seem put out that they were there. They have since stated that when they have ridden on this land in the past few weeks they have felt something was watching them. When my husband got home the first thing he did was tell me they heard something they have never heard before and made the call, I got this electric charge thru my whole body and said" Congradulations you just had your first encounter with bigfoot" I am Native American and have had the experience of scent and calls before because I have spent alot of time in deep woods alone, and have never doubted they exsist. My husband is going back with a DVD recorder, I advised against taking a high power light, in hope they don't aggravate the creatures should they meet again.

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