Tracks found and cast near campsite in deep woods file# 01389


Date:july 23, 2004
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
route 20?
sunny and cool
mid morning
I left route 20 hiking between the towns of Indian ford and Santiam Junction. I was hiking north along what appeared to be a logging road. From there I turned west and hiked west for a few hours. The terrain was not too difficult. The were a few streams, but that was it. I am sorry I can't be any more accurate with my description, but I do have GPS coordinates of my campsite - Degrees Minutes Seconds: Latitude: 443004N
Longitude: 1213829W


Description of event: In the night, I heard sounds like deer moving past my camp, but I had a strang feeling like there was a person in or near my camp. I also awoke from a dead sleep to the sound of a branch breaking, but I could find no signs of broken branches in the morning. I found tracks about 50 yards from my camp and I cast them both. A complete and a partial. The ground near me was soft but not muddy.

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