Teenagers witness creature hurl a salt lick.

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Date: , 1986
Ravalli county, MT
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It is by Hamilton Montana and there was a logging road that lead by a dam and a man made lake or resivour. My Grandad lived out in the boonies.


Description of event: It was when I was a kid, about 12 or 14 years old. My friend and I were outside at my Grandfathers house. He lived in the woods away from the city. It was sunset and we were outside sitting by a campfire. There was a salt lick for deer about a 4th to an 8th of a mile away that my Granddad used for deer. We watched as a "man" walked out of the woods and went up to it. He appeared to sniff it and then pulled it out of the ground and threw it. He then looked at us and stared. My Granddad came outside and said what are you looking at. My friend, dumbfounded pointed at this "guy". He Granddad went inside got a .22 rifle and began to shoot at it. This scared me, because #1 he was shooting at a person and #2 my Granddad could hit anything from any distance. He was an excellent squirrel hunter. The thing just stood there as if he was shaking them off and then made a whiney noise and calmly walked back into the woods from which he came. My Granddad took the gun back inside and came out with hot dogs and didn't even say a word. We could not believe this or his reaction to all of this. We finally asked what was all of that. His response was, "What do you think? It's those Goddamn Bigfeet again." "They’re always making my life hell."

That night we heard noises in his room and when I looked in I saw him getting up and closing his blinds to his room. He saw me and yelled at me to go to bed and not to look at the windows that the blinds were open on. "They watch you at night", he said. I went to bed and the next morning we walked over to the salt lick that was laying on the ground. It was three car lengths away from where it was in the ground and the end had a 100 lb cement block on the bottom. The hole it was in was at least 4 feet deep. My friend and I had seen enough and went back to the trailer. Every summer we went to visit him something different happened to us. I am 33 years old now and my Granddad passed away in 1989. I want to go back to were he lived just to check it out.

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