Man and his wife experience terrible odor, describes hearing vocalizations the previous year file# 01404


Date:October 12, 2005
Umatilla county, OR
Nearest town:
Pilot Rock
Nearest road:

partly coudy
early morning
Just north of indian lake approx 2 miles on the ridge of a canyon.


Description of event: It was early morning and my wife and I decided to head back to a wooded area we had jumped a herd of elk the afternoon before. (Tribal rights elk hunting) We walked about a half mile or so down an old road that had heavy thick timber that you could se through on both sides and on one side it opened up to a clear cut. We stopped when we noticed cattle up the road about 200-300 yards. We watched the cows for a moment and one cow out of nowhere looked up towards the timber and turned and walked off. So not thinking much of it we turned and was heading to the truck. We made it about half way back when my wife and I both got a whiff of something at the exact same time. We both came to a dead stop and looked at each other with my look of concern and hers of confusion she asked what it was. Since we where in that very spot not 10 minutes prior I knew it was something that had just moved in. I spent a good portion of my life living in alaska so I know what a bear smells like and have spent my whole life in the woods and know what death smells like. This was neither. When she asked what the smell was I slowly loaded my 338 and told her not to worry about it and walk to the truck fast and quiet as I put myself in between her and the wooded edge. The smell was kinda of a mix between a skunk (not as strong) rancid meat, and an old basement. When we got back to the truck Itold my wife about the skunk ape in Florida and why it has that name. Needless to say I'm not too excited about a return trip. Last year I wasnt but 4-5 miles from this location and heard some godawful noises coming out of a canyon below me so I know something is wondering up around Indian Lake.

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