Sounds heard while walking dogs through the woods file# 01420


Date:August , 2005
Island county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Dry Lake

The exact location was in the woods, behind my house on Dry Lake Road. In a huge bunch of trees on a hill on Camano Island.


Description of event: My friend and I were walking the puppies and we were just talking and walking in the woods. We suddenly heard a loud noise echoing through the woods. It was extremly loud! It was low pitched and it didn't sound like any kind of animal that is native to the area. It sounded like a mutated giant gorilla roaring over its prey that it just killed.

I dropped the dog's leash and my friend was so scared that she was paralyzed and she dropped her dog on its back. We ran for our lives and my friends pants were falling down and she was too scared to stop and pull them up. And her German Shepard ran after the sound while we ran and got her dad and he came out with his gun but ended up not finding anything.

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