Couple hears bipedal walking while hiking near Prineville file# 01421


Date:october 22, 2005
Crook county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Twin Pillars
early afternoon
My kid, my wife and I were hiking on the Twin Pillars trail a little outside Prineville for about an hour or so, stoping frequently. Theres quite a bit of burnt down forrest and dead tree's laying everywhere. It's a little difficult to say where we were exactly, but there was some area we stopped to take a little break and sat down on a log on the side of the trail.


Description of event: Well, after hiking for about an hour or so with my wife and kid, we decided to take a little break and enjoy the scenery. So my wife and I sat on a log on the side of the trail when suddenly we heard "thump......thump.....thump....thump...thump..thump.thump thump thump thump," on the ground about 2 hundred feet or so away. That was enough to get our hearts pounding with adrenaline. At first we thought it was a motor trying to start, but then it happened again "thump......thump.....thump....thump...thump..thump.thump thump thump thump," and this time we knew it wasn't a motor or chainsaw. First off, any motor equipment is prohibited out there and second, whatever it was-was thumping the ground and third, these were single beats if you will, not the sound of running or galloping.

At this point I whipped out the camera and started filming for a few minutes-considering the battery was low. At first we got nothing so I decided to walk twards the area that the noises originated from, pausing the camera briefly. When I started filming again I was scared because I didn't know what we were going to find. Then I spotted a quail walking nearby, a big one I might add.

So I kept filming and walking on and then suddenly the noise started again but this time it was just a little further away and coming from the opposite direction I was looking in. I can't really hear the thumping when I play the tape but if we hooked it up to a television set and turned up the volume real loud we might be able to hear it. After that we heard nothing else and left just shortly.

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