Forest Ranger finds broken trees, "nest", pile of dead rabbits file# 01434


Date:july , 1970
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
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Road that parallels river
early afternoon
The Sandy River originates high on the slopes of Mt. Hood, located about 50 miles east of Portland, Oregon. The headwaters are beneath Reid and Sandy Glaciers at 6000 feet in elevation. From there the river flows due west through the Hoodland Corridor. It cascades past the communities of Welches, Brightwood and Sandy, then turns north to enter the Columbia River near Troutdale, which is 10 miles east of Portland, Oregon. The river drops swiftly through rugged canyons. It has deep boulder-studded pools with clean, gray gravel bars often shaded by tall, wet green trees.
It is fishable most of the time and fishes well from 700 to 4,000 cfs. Nowhere else in the world does such a wild and scenic steelhead river flow through such a brawling, boulder-strewn, plunge pool mountain stream supporting an amazingly rich and diverse food chain comprised of mammalian specifically adapted to their very tumultuous dispositions.


Description of event: It was mid-summer 1970 and I recall that day as if it were yesterday. I had returned to Oregon after a two year stint of duty in the Israeli Army as a Border Guard (post '67 war). Weekly, I would drive along the Sandy River to find a new place to target shoot (keeping up my military skills). This one particular day, in a meadow above and east of the river, I encountered a clump of Birch tree saplings (14 inches in circumference) snapped off at about the 6 foot level and the tops were neatly arranged into a family size "nest" for 3 or 4 large mammals... nearby I noticed the aroma of death... there was a pile of dead rabbits (neatly gutted and only their guts had been eaten !)... I felt as though I was being watched and the nearby woods were ominously silent for a summer's mid-day. I quickly left the area in search of a nearby Forest Ranger Station... One of the Rangers believed my story and accompanied me back to the meadow... He took photos for the other Rangers to witness... Both of us became "Bigfoot" believers after that day !
(The Forest Ranger also noticed the silence and the feeling of being watched)

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