Woman describes seeing two adult creatures communicating and gesturing

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Date:november , 1993
Butte county, CA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Cold / Clear
pre dawn dark hours


Description of event: I was staying with a friend at her parents house at the time. They live in the middle of no where literally, in the back wooded canyon's of *confidential*.

It was about 12:00-1:00 AM , and I had to use the restroom . Well, these people were seriuos hippies. They actually had an outhouse, so I had to get up, and walk outside to get to it. I had just walked outside the house, when I thought I heard people walking up the old logging road near ther house. This was still their property, so it surprised me.

I went into the wooden outhouse, and I could still hear people coming. I got a little scared at first. When I was finished in the outhouse, I started to walk out, but I could hear these two creatures within feet of me. As I came out I leaned around the door I was so surprised to see two large hominid creatures walking by.

I froze... I think they heard me because they both stopped and looked around. It was a Full Moon. I think they could hear me breathing, I was so shocked.

The larger one turned towards me, glanced, and then went back to talking like they didn't even care I was there.

They talked, laughed, used hand gestures just like a person, I still can not tell you how shocked I was. I could still hear them long after they passed me.

I went into the house, I woke up my friend's parents, told them I wasn't dreaming, and told them what had just happened.

They weren't surprised. They said they saw them almost every night. I barely slept at all that night. The next morning we got up, and went out to look at the old road. Sure enough, there were tracks. I was so excited yet still in shock.(

(My major in college was Physical Anthropology - I wanted to study Mountain Gorillas. I believe this is the closest I will very get to seeing a Mountain Gorilla or some sub-species.)

I have since then had a few minor experience's, but nothing like that one. I will never forget it!

Editor's note: This report is included in the database because, if true, it is one of a handful of reports that include information about these creatures communicating with one another in much the same way humans do and the information contained within this report may be valuable to ther researchers. The area in question has a long history of sighting reports.

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