Bear hunters hear two creatures whooping at each other file# 01471


Date:september 05, 2005
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
HWY 126
early morning
Travel west past walton. Turn right on cherry creek. Turn right after telephone lines then stay left. Your there when you get to the large open units on both sides of the road. There will be a canyon on the left and a rock wall on the right. Continue on the road untill you get to the top and can see canyons on both sides.


Description of event: While bear hunting in early September, my hunting partner and I walked to a spot when the sun came up that we could see alot of acreage to try to catch a bear on the move before it got to hot. While standing at the top of the landing and glassing over the unit, we heard a loud noise that sounded like a whoop coming from a small tree covered hill below us and to the left. At first we thought it might be an elk, but in the large amount of time I have spent in the woods hunting, I quickly ruled out elk. After about thirty seconds of the strange whoop, a second vocalization occured from another low hill to the right of us at the bottom of the unit. The two carried on "arguing" untill we yelled back. The whoop was not heard the rest of the trip. I am confident that the vocalization we heard was indeed two bigfoots communicating. I have scince heard the same "whoop" on the other side of the road at a whiticker creek hunting camp. It is only a few miles apart as a crow flies.

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