Teenagers encounter creature on roadside near a creek.

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Date:July , 1972
Warren county, MO
Nearest town:
Wright City
Nearest road:

Mid morning
Close to maufet's creek right out side of wright city


Description of event: My cousin and I were going fishing in Moffets Creek outside of Wright city, Missouri. We were riding our bikes and my cousin’s dog was with us. As we were riding slowly down the road almost to the creek we saw a large creature about 8 feet tall standing by the roadside. The hair was long and scraggly and reddish/black in color. We didn't feel threatened by it and we stood and looked at it for several minutes. After what must have been about 8-10 minutes the dog took off after it. It turned and ran through the dense woods and we couldn't hear it make a sound.

I just talked to my cousin a couple of months ago and he asked me if I remembered the creature. I thought I would finally share this with someone.

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