Woman hears terrifying shriek near residence, describes livestock disturbance

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Date:july , 2003
Columbia county, OR
Nearest town:
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pre dawn dark hours
The home was situated on a small 1 acre lot at the top of the hill on Atkins road in Alston-Mayger.
The property is surrounded by dense wooded forest. With motor bike and hiking paths through out. Not highly populated and just off the Highway heading east - 45 min to Astoria.
Waterfalls and creeks and an old gravel pit are about 15 min. down back roads. Beautiful area.


Description of event: It was late at night and my husband and I fell asleep watching TV in the living room.

We always slept with the windows open at night for the fresh air and this being a particularly warm night we did just that. We never worried about prowlers since the neighbors had dogs and went off like alarms anytime something uncommen happened.

We'd been there for about three weeks and noticed that the cows in the nearby (backyard) field were always acting nuts at night. They would quite often for no apparant reason start making noises like they were very freightened. I've grown up around farms and know that cows don't act this way for no reason. I found it a little unerving when I found out from nieghbors that cougars sometimes frequented the area too. So, needless to say I kinda thought maybe the cougars were making the cows crazy.. taunting them?

Well, When I woke up around 2:30 am I didn't really know what woke me, thats when I heard the most thunderous roar/scream/grunting like holler ar whatever people want to call it. It was a deep, throaty, and loud. It was so loud I could have sworn it was in the house. I tried to wake my husband while I stared intently at the window thinking maybe I would catch a glimpse of it, (not really wanting to though). It continued screaming in short angry bursts a couple more times. I say angry because it sounded so mean.. like ferocious. I also heard another less intense but painful sounding shriek in the midst of its deafening roar. I was so terrified it was if time stood still. You know that adrenaline rush you get when something freaky happens? Almost like it can't possibly be true.

The thing I've never been able to forget is the scream, and I've yet to be able to explain the way it sounded. I don't believe it could be mimicked by any other man or animal. It was as unique as it was terrifying.

ALL of our cats disappeared. We had three cats.
I always saw our neighbors cats though and they were outside cats. It just struck me as odd. We gave up on having pets after two months.
Sometimes at night we would hear load thumps outside our bedroom wall. A few times my husband actually went for his rifle because he thought someone was outside in his shop. We finally moved to a place in the city, far from wooded areas. At least I can go when I want to, and the things don't come to me:)

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