Tracks found near LaPine file# 01489


Date:october , 1991
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
forest rd 4270
partly cloudy, cool
mid morning
Walking south to north, along the deschutes river channel.The water was rather low and I found five clear tracks. stride was over 6 ft long, and prints were about16 to 18 inches long.was told by local that a bow hunter likes to fake tracks in the area, but impressions seemed to deep for human weight.


Description of event: A friend and I were hunting deer in the Crain prarie area. The water was low that year due to drought. We were walking along the deschutes river channel when we found 5 clear footprints in the sand.we didnt follow in the direction they were headed in. When we mentioned what we had found to a local resident, he said that some bowhunter had faked them about a month before. Im not so sure that they were faked as the impressions were deeper than a person could make with small feet, let alone big, fake ones.I also have found a map of other Sasquatch sightings in that area.

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