Campers have nighttime encounter file# 01490


Date:august , 1979
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Hood River
Nearest road:

clear and 70's
A little side road about 1/2 -1 mile from Lost Lake.


Description of event: A friend and I were camping with my German Shepard. We pitched a small back packers tent behind a large log. Around 11-12 o'clock we noticed my dog whimpering very quietly, at that moment we heard the sound of something crashing through the brush and tree's just the other side of the log. My dog, which was very aggressive proceeded to try to crawl inside my sleeping bag. Next we heard a "whooping" vocalization which neither my friend or myself had ever heard before. After 10-15 seconds our visitor took off at a run. As it ran it made the very distinct sound of something running on 2 legs. I would like to add that even though i was only 20 when this happened I was an expierienced hunter and outdoor person. I am 46 now and in 26 years of camping and hunting since the incident related above I have never again heard that sound that we heard that night.

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