Witness describes close encounter with two creatures in the light of a flashlight

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Date:march , 2001
Jackson county, OR
Nearest town:
White City
Nearest road:
Foothills Rd.
Clear and cold

In medford, oregon, head east on Highway 62. Turn Right on Corey Rd in White City. Turn Right on Foothills Rd. About a quarter mile down on the left. Blue Farmhouse with a field. Field is where sighting occured. A brown house on the right, directly across the street, but in the field.


Description of event: I met up with my friend at his house after work at about 10 pm. We both got off work at the same time, and go to his house to hang out. We were outside on his porch near the driveway. We heard the horses across the street in the field running around, which was odd, but didn't think nothing of it. We heard a turkey squabble, which then we thought a mountain lion was out there.

Shortly after that, we heard a loud, and repetive sniffing noise. Loud, like a large dog sniffing in your ear. After a few seconds of wondering, we went to the edge of the road, I made a coughing noise to get a reaction from whatever it was out there. Just as I did that, we heard a very loud, and aggressive grunt.

We went inside to grab a rifle and a flashlight. We for sure thought it was a bear, or mountain lion, and we knew it was close. We went back to the edge of the road, the road separates his driveway from the field where the noise was coming from. He shined his flashlight in the direction of the noises is fanning type pattern. His first pass reveals nothing, but on his second pass, we freaked.

There wasn't much light exept the motion detector, and our flashlight. With that, we saw the figures of TWO creatures in crouched postion, just in front of the fence in the field. They were literally 15 feet or so in front of us. There eyes were staring right back at us, and they were close together on their faces, not like a horse.

Just then one of them stood up on two legs. At this point I had moved to the side a little because I did not want my friend in my line of fire, just in case. I had a diagonal view of the creatures now. I can tell you that this thing stood about 7 to 8 feet tall, because the fence it 5 feet tall, and this creature rested its forearms on top of the fence without effort. I mean it could have scaled the fence easily. The other creature remained crouched. I could see their cirlce shaped heads. They had a shadow, because the light, so their shapes were pretty clear, and we were so close the measurements of thier shadows were not too far off from actual. The one that stood was incredibly big. He was boasting his chest out, maybe to intimidate us, or for defense.

We all just stood there for a minute looking at one another. I was asking my friend what he thought it was and he did not know. My friend is a avid hunter of all game, and has never encountered anything like it. We then realized that is weird, and also realized how close we were to these creatures. We could see that the one crouched was smaller than the one standing, so the creature might have gotten defensive, and backed up. We were scared, but did not feel threatned. However, the creature could have easily scaled the fence and got us if it wanted. I mean, it was probably watching us long before we saw it.

Our fear finally sunk in, and we went inside to look out the windows. We did not see anything else, but the dogs in his backyard started barking about a minute or two after we came inside. Dogs that live in the area always bark due to other animals that wander down the mountain, which is a clear shot from the field where this creature was. I have not been to his house at night ever since, and he has recenly moved from the residence anyhow.

At the time, I was a college student, and have since did service in the military, and I am single father. I have no need to make this up. I not sure what I saw was a bigfoot, but I know it wasn't a horse, mountain lion, or bear. Bears do not live in this part of the area. They live in the region, but not here. This part of the valley is too dry, and thier food source is not here either. I researched the bear population and the likelihood of a bear entering this area. It is not common. What I saw stood like a large man, moved like a man, and looked like a man, but was not. This is the first time I have formally reported this.

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