Man has sighting of two light-colored juvenile creatures file# 01531


Date:september 15, 2005
Yamhill county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Toll Road
late afternoon
West of Yamhill OR about 20 minutes on Oakridge Rd to RR Grade RD to Toll Rd to Toll RD gate into Weyerhauser Trask Mtn Tree Farm


Description of event: I was leaving the job one day last fall. I was the last company pickup to leave as I had stayed later to do some log processing. After driving down the road about 4 miles from the job I came to the gate. I had to get out to open the gate which was kept locked. When I stepped out of the pickup I looked straight down the road about 600' and there standing in the road were 2 sasquatch standing together. I stood there in a state of shock and disbelief. I as calmly as I could went about the task of opening the gate, driving thru, closing the gate then driving ahead. As I said when I initially saw them I literally did not believe my own eyes. The animals saw me and my pickup and just crossed the road and headed north. When I drove down to where I saw them I was still trying to come to grips in my own mind with what I saw, and so I was looking for any other possible explanation such as a set of horse prints in the road or elk prints or something. I even said to myself, "now when I get down there I'm going to encounter a horse or two or a smallgroup of elk. But there was nothing at all down there. Then I said to myself "Carl you know what you saw-now think and remember exactly what you saw". I saw two Apelike, long-haired juvenile bigfoots, they had blonde colored coats. I would estimate their height to be 5-6' tall, I got the sense that they were not full grown. I have no further evidence as the extremely dry conditions did not leave any tracks or other sign.

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