Hunters experience odor, vocalization near Wynoochee Valley Road file# 01558


Date:october 22, 2005
Grays Harbor county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Wynoochee Valley Road
Cloudy, light rain
The location was:
N 47deg 13.242 min
W 123 deg 34.655 min


Description of event: It was Saturday, October 22, 2005. My girlfriend and I had been hunting on tree farm property just off the East side of the main Wynoochee Valley Road.

We had parked at a gate, which at the time was open, but we knew better than to drive in, because they lock it at dark. We hunted the morning there, then drove to another area for lunch and to do some target shooting with her rifle in preparation for the up coming elk season.

Around 3:00 in the afternoon, we drove back to the gate, parked, and hiked in. We took the long way in so that we could examine more country, but we ended up at the same clear cut we started at in the morning. We found a nice spot and sat down to watch the clear cut. We saw three does.

Very near dark, around 6:30, we started walking back to the Escape. The distance was about two miles. The road we were on ran almost due North, and intersected a new road made from the former railroad grade. Walking North on this road in the darkening heavy timber, I remember smelling a funny, stinky smell, and then it was gone. It reminded me of burnt garbage. I didn't even mention it to Barbara. It was out of place for the area. We continued on, and took a left turn at the railroad grade road.

Just before we crossed a creek running under the road, about 100 yards further, Barbara and I noticed a rustling in the bushes along side the road. We stopped and looked for a moment, seeing nothing in the gloom. Since it was after shooting time, we continued on. We walked down the road about 300 yards, when I heard something, an animal call. Barbara and I had been chatting quietly as we walked. It was about 7:00. I stopped and told her to be quiet for a moment.

In a few seconds, I heard the sound again. It was a two tone "Whoo Hooo" sound. The second part was slightly lower pitch than the first. The sound was behind us, approximately where the creek crossed under the road. The call was very loud, similar in volume to a bugling elk, but it was no elk. It was unlike any animal I had ever heard before. It echoed through the woods, and could have been heard for miles. The animal that made it had to be very large judging by the volume. The call repeated two more times, for a total of four calls.

I immediately ruled out the calls of elk, deer, bear, cougar, and birds. This left us to suspect that it was a sasquatch because there was nothing else I could think of. I became very frightened, which in turn frightened Barbara. We walked out of the woods and back to the Escape as fast as possible. We were both very rattled.

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