Very loud bipedal footsteps heard early in the morning outside a home file# 01564


Date:January 19, 2006
King county, WA
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Oravetz Road
Overcast, cool
Auburn, WA. It's up the hill (wooded) and nestled against where the woods connect to the Lake Tapps area. These woods stretch out at least through Bonney Lake.


Description of event: I awoke at almost exactly 7am one morning to hear the dogs barking. They took off from the front porch and went across the front of the house and up the hill/woods pasture. (I know without a doubt that I was awake and didn't dream it because I mentally noted the time, realizing that I only had an hour before my alarm would go off when I had to get ready for a job interview up in Seattle.)

The dogs went up a bit farther into the pasture when the barking soon became more insistant, like when they see or chase the deer. I didn't think anything of it until I heard the thing walking, which was ungodly loud. I heard the footsteps as it came down the hill with the leaves crunching and fallen branches snapping. I knew it was something at least as big as a bear by how loud the booms of the footsteps were.

As it approached the base of the hill by the left side of the house, the dogs went ballistic and then the barks just suddenly stopped. At this point, I thought it was a bear and feared for the dogs' lives. I heard it reach the pavement and so I turned left to look out the window. (The bedroom is in the front of the house with a bay window. The window is about 5'8"-6" tall with thin curtains. You can see everything through them, including colors, etc.)

The footsteps got so freakishly loud that I knew it was about to walk by the window. Keep in mind how tall my window is--when this thing walked by, all I could see of it were legs. I saw no torso, nor could I see arms. I know it wasn't a bear because of the height of the legs--which because of the window, had to have been a minimum of 5'8" in height. Whatever it was was fully bipedal. It had this nonchalant stride, just like a person walking slowly. The steps sounded 1 1/2-2 seconds apart--which was way too far apart to be a person. The width of this thing's legs were enormous as well. They had to have been AT LEAST a foot and a half wide.

The shadow that this thing cast across my room was so large. I cannot express enough how INSANELY LOUD this thing's footsteps were. I have never been so afraid before in my life. It kept walking past the front of the house and continued until it reached the woods on the opposite side. I never moved or tried to run up and look out any other windows because I was afraid it would see me, or smell me, as weird as that probably sounds.

That night, I was too freaked out to sleep in my room so I slept out in the living room. I woke up to some random noise (probably a branch brushing against the house in the wind) at about 4:30am. I layed there for a few moments before I started hearing those same loud footsteps outside somewhere, just like I heard before I saw the thing walk by the window. Three or four footsteps later, I freaked out and went running across the house to my roommate's room. I ended up tripping and falling onto the floor knocking a bunch of stuff over and making this huge crash, which I believe is what scared it away. When my roommate came out to calm me down and listen with me, we didn't hear it. (THANK GOD.) Haven't heard it since either.

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