Sasquatch whistles at deer hunter file# 01569


Date:september , 2004
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Big Meadows Rd
cold and clear
3-5 miles from Big Meadows Horse camp


Description of event: While deer hunting in the Jefferson wilderness area, I took a stand on top of an old big tree stump which stood approximately 2 feet in hieght. It gave me a good view of an old growth forest tree line, approximately 100 yards in front of me, facing east. Between the tree line and myself was a clear cut. To my right side was a small hill with a ridge that extended up into the old growth forest.

As I was standing on the stump with the sun setting, I still could make out antlers on a deer. I heard a loud burst of a whistle sound with a swirling pitch to my right side . As I looked to my right, approximately 75 yards away, midway up the hill stood a figure facing me attempting to get my attention. I noticed it stood upright with a large upper body and no visible neck. It was dark in color from head to foot. It stood approximately 6-7 feet tall. I saw no detail, it was dusk.

As I thought about the situation , I thought , it must mistake me for something else. I was wearing a black jacket with the hood over my head, dark pants, and being on that stump making me look 7-8 feet tall. Neither it or my self moved for about 15-30 seconds, could have been alittle longer. Then fear hit me. I got off the stump with rifle in hand, carefully and slowly walking out back to my truck with nothing following me. I have hunted this area many times in the past and know it fairly well.

Walking on that particular hill or its ridge makes far to much noise for a hunter, due to all the small dead timbers, branches and bushes laying on the ground. Everything was quiet until this thing made that noise. I have been a hunter for over 20 years and know the wilderness and its sounds and its creatures very well. I've never had an experience like this. I told no one of what happened when I got back to camp, they would have teased me to no end.

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