Witness describes ongoing encounters

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Date: , 2005
Skamania county, WA
Nearest town:
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early morning
There is a pond and a stream. It comes down off a large incline. I cannot give the exact location as the fellow that owns the property there tends to be very paranoid and doesn't like unknown visitors.


Description of event: We had been visiting this friend off and on for several months. He had been telling us things over this time, and I had never put it all together until we ceased going there. He said that he often feels as if he is being watched. He also said that he has found odd scat on the property and that once in the night they heard something rather large splashing around in the pond. He said it made sound and that it was not a bear. I have smelled some terrible smells there as well. The last time we went up there, my boyfriend had hiked up the hill alongside the stream that comes down like a waterfall. He said that once he was at the top, he saw 3 of our barefoot relatives, and added that he thought it must have been a male, female, and an infant. He said they were drinking from the stream and that they did not appear alarmed by his presense there. He was very freaked out by the whole thing and has not taken us up there again since that time. I am anxious to get back up there and so some looking around myself. Once he told me about his sighting, I started doing some internet research and put all the information together. I feel there is some activity there and am ready to go back. I will be collecting evidence, questioning the land owner in a little more depth, and I will get back to you with my findings.

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