Family sees a creature while driving on an old logging road file# 01677


Date:october , 2005
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
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mid morning
Keeping exact location to myself at this time.


Description of event: My wife, son and I where traveling in a remote area on old logging roads looking for indian trials that some old timer had told us about. It was mid week and had not seen a soul.

The terrian is steep hills douglas firs and pine trees. We came around a corner and to our surprise and the creature's had the encounter.

The creature was running up the hill away from us. My first thought BEAR! He was on all fours. Midway he stopped looked and begain to sidehill the mountain. This time on his back two legs. The only time I saw him make gound contact with his front legs (arms) was his inside arm for balance. I toyed with the idea of following the creature but my with wife made it clear she had seen eough. I'm an avid woodsman. I have seen a lot of bear. This was not a bear.

I understand now why nobody has shot one of these big boys. Very human like. My plans are to return for a few days this summer with a good camera. Wish me luck!

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